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We specialize in HVAC Service, Repairs, and Installation.  Our goal is to improve your indoor air quality and provide a comfortable living space for your family.  Combine Classic Heating and Cooling with the services of our partner company, Classic Insulation, to boost your comfort level AND your energy savings!

Your One-Stop Home Comfort Location, HVAC Repairs and Service

Here at Classic, we offer a lot more than just HVAC service in Richmond KY.  Sure, we can service, repair, or replace your heating ad cooling system, but with all our partner companies (Classic Insulation, Classic Drywall, Classic Restoration and Carpet Cleaning), we can provide all your home comfort needs!  Do you only need HVAC service? Listed below are the services we provide at Classic Heating and Cooling.


We provide heating systems checks, service, repairs, and new system installations.

Air Conditioning

Just like heating, we provide cooling system checks, service, repair, or install new air conditioning systems.

Duct Cleaning

It’s important to clean your air ducts, as they directly affect the air quality and circulation in your home.


Would you like a free quote or do you have more questions about our services?  Don’t forget to ask about our Heating and Cooling services in Richmond Kentucky.  Also, check out all the services from our partner companies in the top menu!

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